Company Information
Albatron Technology CO., LTD is founded in 1984 and is a Public Company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange [ TAIEX #5386 ].

OEM/ODM Specialist
Albatron is an OEM/ODM specialist which with the vast experience in electronics and close cooperation with customers can assure all requirements fulfilled.

Unsurpassed Know-How in Electronics to benefit the Nail Industry
Dedication to details, simplicity and Know-How in electronic design, in-house R&D engineering, own supply chain and Tier 1 QC procedures assures customer’s requests are being delivered. Turn-Key solution provider.

Competitive Pricing
Albatron provides of-the-shelf lamps which are carefully designed to use Surface Mount components and are 95% made by robotic machines at the production lines where Apple iMac laptops are being manufactured. Our volume purchase enables us to get best pricing for components which are all A+ class sorted.

Production Capacity
Assembly line production capacity is 6,000,000 units per year.

Customer Communication
Our Company Culture is “Customer First!” and sales representative are obligated to respond customer within 30 minutes with an answer or time when solution will be provided.

After Sales Service
Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for our company. We supply “service buffer” with each delivery to allow our partner to offer SWAP service to the end user.

Highest Quality Standard
Company moto: “Quality is Policy”. We guarantee less than 1% return on our product designs.

Technology Leader
The ability to have first-hand information from industry leaders benefits all our partners.

Made In Taiwan

100% Designed, Manufactured, Tested, Packed and delivered from Taiwan. Use exclusively Taiwan/Japan/USA electronic components and plastics.